For my first solo trip, I decided to go far far away from India.

My first ever experience in business class

I have to thank Nair for this. I was flying to a country I’ve never been to, on a 9hr flight and it was amazing. Having traveled British Airways and that too Business class was more than I had expected. It’s great to have connected friends, who give you some perks of their jobs sometimes. Internally, I was super excited, but my calm unassuming exterior would have you imagine that I belonged there.

I’m short so leg space has never really been such an issue for me when it comes to airplanes. But business class is another ball game. The multiple level of reclining, having a flat bed to sleep on, personal lighting. That is the dream. And I lived it. I watched two films, ate a fantastic meal and the service was top notch. The Tanqueray gin and tonic added to the experience. Not to mention the two cups of coffee. I did attempt to sleep but that didn’t happen. Though I think there was a mini power nap somewhere in the middle.

Nine hours later, I landed in London and went to the Fast-track line. The irony in that was that it was called Fast track but the people who were in the regular queue took the same amount of time. Immigration was no hassle, and I finally collected my baggage, got a local sim and called my friend who booked the taxi. It was a nice day outside. I got into the cab and the Indian in me wanted to say “bhaiya, sheesha neeche kardo” (Sir, could you roll down the windows..) only to realise the reason they didn’t was because it rains in spurts. The drive was long, but in a way I got to see a lot of London enroute.

First impressions

  • The sky is grey.
  • Immediately you spot the red double decker buses.
  • The iconic black cabs are ridiculously cute.
  • The brick houses/architecture has its own charm.
  • The tiny hanging flower pots outside houses’ entrance immediately catches your eye and makes you smile.
  • Everyone is well dressed.Though they appear to mostly be in grayscale.
  • It’s clean, obviously. Things & places are demarcated well.
  • There is a Ring Road here. (*Delhi people will understand this)
  • The signage on most cafe’s, pubs, eateries have brilliant fonts.
  • There’s graffiti everywhere.
  • It’s an interesting mix of the old & new.

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#architecture #lookingout #london #thingsisee #funkybuilding

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It’s a pinterest dream basically to look out the window. I wanted to constantly keep my phone out and take every possible picture. But then I decided, this time I won’t ONLY do that. I’ll try and see the city not just through my phone or an Instagram filter, but through the eyes that god gifted me.

I got to my friends’ house, who is graciously hosting me, and immediately fell in love with the lane she lives in. Its suburbia, but it isn’t. The brick structure with the beautiful windows. Her house from the interior is equally striking. A cosy living room, beautiful art work adorning the walls, her forever love for owls (something we share) and a lovely backyard. It said ‘home’ immediately.

I stayed awake for the most part, trying not to be jet lagged. I managed till 3am India time and then I was out.

Ps. this will be my travel diary. Keep following for more.


to be contd…


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    Naaaaice!!! I will be able to see your photos . I love the wall – Do what you love

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