Since I was going to leave for Edinburgh in another day, I decided to not make my last day in London hectic. So my friend and I decided to go to Camden market for lunch and a bit of a walk around. We headed to the market around 10.30 in the morning. We first went to Primrose Hill, it had such a beautiful view of London. We crossed a beautiful bridge while walking to it. It was a bright Monday, otherwise Primrose Hill on a day like that would be full of people that you wouldn’t even get space to put your mat on the ground.





We then walked around that area. It’s such a beautiful area with row houses, wide roads and there is also a beautiful old church. After which we went down alongside a canal. Sometimes you can be transported somewhere else, even while you are in one place. That’s the feeling I got when I was walking towards Camden. I really felt like Donkey from Shrek, asking my friend, are we there yet?










I knew it was the market, as soon as we entered it. There were food stalls everywhere from every country possible, Korean Burritos, popular local Fish & Chips, Pizzas, Hot Dogs, you name it. There were enough places to make sure your sweet tooth wasn’t disappointed as well. I am getting used to this street market concept here. This is one of those markets which is popular with students as the gift shops offer really good deals for 1 pound, which you won’t get in other places. Camden market is a massive area, it is joined through narrow alleys and has an old world charm.

Like the other markets it has melange of shops from vintage clothing, vinyl, old books, art, knick knacks, souvenirs etc. The interesting thing about Camden market is that it is known to have been a hub for Punk rockers in the past, but over the years it evolved to what it is today. A part of it retains the old world charm, while some of it has been renovated to entice what I think is the ‘hipster crowd’. The good thing to know is the market is open 364 days a year. It only closes on one day of the year and that’s Christmas Day.

It depends on what you’re looking for, but chances are you will find it in Camden. It was a fun walk, looking at all the eclectic wares, souvenir shops, food stalls and all the people dressed in various hues and colors. Having had a massive hot dog, we decided to head back after spending almost five hours out that day.

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It’s a place one should come when they visit London, I highly recommend it.

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